sadas Alberta Raptor Preservation Society

Alberta Raptor Preservation Society

The Society was founded by John Campbell and friends to support the work they are doing and to inform people about raptors.

Prairie feeding young

Photo by Ben Campbell

Our mission is to preserve raptors (birds of prey). We do this by surveying areas in southern Alberta for nesting raptors noting number of nests, number of young produced and banding the young. By doing this on an ongoing basis we can track population numbers. Raptors are at the top of the food chain and as such important indicators of the general health of the environment.

Another important component of our work is the building of nest sites where no suitable

nest sites are available either because suitable nesting sites have been destroyed or didn’t exist. This increases the number of nesting birds. Although we work with all raptors our main focus is on the

rarer diurnal (daytime) raptors such as peregrine falcons, prairie falcons, ferruginous hawks and bald and golden eagles.

Occasionally, we are asked to assist government biologists with projects, such as fitting of satellite transmitters on female prairie falcons so they could be tracked. Or, participate in the North American wide survey of peregrine falcons. John was asked to go on the Mackenzie River trip by Keith Hodson to survey nesting peregrine falcons for the Northwest Territory Government

Below is a video that shows the type of work being done with peregrine falcons. It is 198 minutes long.


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